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Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus), a medicinal salt-resistant plant has h.. Ma, Xiao Yong 2244
Determination of 16 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in environmental water sample.. Ma, Jiping 1942
Molecular fluorescent probes for monitoring pH changes in living cells Wang, Rui 1846
Recent advances in molecular imprinting technology: current status, challenges and.. Chen, Lingxin 1707
Determination of critical aggregation concentration and aggregation number of acid.. Yan, Mingyan 1692
Cancer-Targeting Multifunctionalized Gold Nanoparticles in Imaging and Therapy Jiao, P. F. 1502
Effects of low temperature and drought on the physiological and growth changes in .. Cao, Hong-Xing 1366
Jellyfish blooms in China: Dominant species, causes and consequences Dong, Zhijun 1330
Physicochemical properties of gelatin gels from walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogr.. Yan, Mingyan 1317
Vanillin cross-linked chitosan microspheres for controlled release of resveratrol Peng, Hailong 1245
Geochemistry of organic carbon and nitrogen in surface sediments of coastal Bohai .. Gao, Xuelu 1180
Biotechnological implications from abscisic acid (ABA) roles in cold stress and le.. Xue-Xuan, X. 1048
Quantum dots, lighting up the research and development of nanomedicine Wang, Yunqing 1047
Isolation, identification and characterization of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens BZ-6,.. Liu, Wuxing 951
Remote sensing image classification method based on evidence theory and decision t.. Li,Xuerong 899
A new sesquiterpene from an endophytic Aspergillus versicolor strain. Xiang-Hong Liu 869
Sugar-based growth, astaxanthin accumulation and carotenogenic transcription of he.. Sun, Ni 868
三种典型POPs对紫贻贝不同组织DNA损伤的比较研究 周海龙 859
微藻生物柴油技术的研究现状及展望       姜进举 853
中国污染场地修复的研究进展、问题与展望 骆永明 838
基于大农业框架下的江苏海岸滩涂资源持续利用研究 陈小兵 832
World's largest macroalgal bloom caused by expansion of seaweed aquaculture in Chi.. Liu, Dongyan 803
Recent Advances in Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction for Organic Compounds .. Ma, Jiping 785
Phenolics and antifungal activities analysis in industrial crop Jerusalem artichok.. Chen, Fujia 785
Spatial Prediction of Soil Organic Matter Content Using Cokriging with Remotely Se.. Wu, Chunfa 771
Structure elucidation of nanoparticle-bound organic molecules by H-1 NMR Du, Fenfang 746
Catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of phenol over Cu-Ni-Al hydrotalcite Zhou, Shiwei 739
Advances and prospects: Biotechnologically improving crop water use efficiency Zhang Zhengbin 727
Silver(I) ion detection in aqueous media based on "off-on" fluorescent probe Yu, Chunwei 720
汞、硒暴露对紫贻贝(Mytilus edulis)抗氧化酶系统的影响 陈琳琳 711
Potentiometric Sensor Based on an Ion-Imprinted Polymer for Determination of Coppe.. Liang, Rongning 711
西沙群岛海域造礁石珊瑚物种多样性与分布特点 黄晖 694
Applications of nanomaterials in potentiometric sensors Yin, Tanji 684
Methoxy poly(ethylene glycol)-grafted-chitosan based microcapsules: Synthesis, cha.. Peng, Hailong 681
Nanomaterial-assisted aptamers for optical sensing Wang, Guoqing 674
Effect of concentration, pH and ionic strength on the kinetic self-assembly of aci.. Yan, Mingyan 669
Suitability of two seaweeds, Gracilaria lemaneiformis and Sargassum pallidum, as f.. Qi, Zhanhui 668
Aptamer-Nanoparticle-Based Optical Probes Wang Guoqing 665
Off-On based fluorescent chemosensor for Cu(2+) in aqueous media and living cells Yu, Chunwei 664
Rapid detection of melamine with 4-mercaptopyridine-modified gold nanoparticles by.. Lou, Tingting 653
The influence of amino and hydroxyl of chitosan on hydroxyl radical scavenging act.. Dong,Fang 645
Potentiometric Sensor Based on Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Rapid Determinat.. Liang Rong-Ning 635
Biogeochemical Characterizations and Reclamation Strategies of Saline Sodic Soil i.. Yu, Junbao 626
The impact of different pollution sources on modern dinoflagellate cysts in Sishil.. Liu, Dongyan 622
Application of stable isotope techniques in studies of carbon and nitrogen biogeoc.. Sun Zhigao 612
中国海洋溢油污染现状及其生态影响研究 王传远 608
Effects of Short-Term High Temperature on Photosynthesis and Photosystem II Perfor.. Yan, K. 605
Energy plants in the coastal zone of China: Category, distribution and development Guo Dong-Gang 590
Nanomaterial/Ionophore-Based Electrode for Anodic Stripping Voltammetric Determina.. Pan, Dawei 585
Pathways of cadmium fluxes in the root of the halophyte Suaeda salsa Li, Lianzhen 583
A facile modification of g-C3N4 with enhanced photocatalytic activity for degradat.. Chang, Fei 572
A solid-contact Pb2+-selective electrode using poly (2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethylhexyloxy.. Shunyang Yu 570
基于核酸适配体和纳米粒子的光学探针       王国庆 569
Determination of mercury(II) in water samples using dispersive liquid-liquid micro.. Li, Jinhua 569
Potentiometric sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymer for determination of .. Liang, Rongning 564
Fingerprint and weathering characteristics of crude oils after Dalian oil spill, C.. Wang, Chuanyuan 560
Heavy metal pollution status in surface sediments of the coastal Bohai Bay Gao, Xuelu 559
Synthesis and hydroxyl radicals scavenging activity of quaternized carboxymethyl c.. Guo, Zhanyong 556
Effects of urbanization and industrialization on agricultural land use in Shandong.. Lu, Qingshui 548
Studies on remediation of DDT-contaminated soil and dechlorination of DDT Xia, Chuanhai 548
施用生物质炭对土壤生态系统功能的影响       宋延静 542
Growth and physiological responses to water and nutrient stress in oil palm Sun, Cheng-xu 542
The potential health risk of titania nanoparticles Zhang, Ruinan 542
Characteristics of organic and elemental carbon in PM2.5 samples in Shanghai, Chin.. Feng, Yanli 540
Optimization of dilute acid hydrolysis of Enteromorpha Feng Dawei 539
Synthesis of graphene/methylene blue/gold nanoparticles composites based on simult.. Han, Haitao 539
Extraction and antioxidant activities of oligosaccharides from different parts of .. Sun,Minglv 538
Electrochemical Sensing System for Determination of Heavy Metals in Seawater Song Wen-Jing 537
Preparation of phycocyanin microcapsules and its properties Yan, Mingyan 535
21世纪初中国海岸带土地利用空间格局特征 侯西勇 534
Blue-to-Red Colorimetric Sensing Strategy for Hg2+ and Ag+ via Redox-Regulated Sur.. Lou, Tingting 531
Adsorptive removal of arsenic from water by an iron-zirconium binary oxide adsorbe.. Ren, Zongming 530
Cooling-induced fractionation of mantle Li isotopes from the ultraslow-spreading G.. Gao, Yongjun 521
Synthesis, characterization, and antifungal activity of novel quaternary chitosan .. Li, Rongchun 520
Quercetin molecularly imprinted polymers: Preparation, recognition characteristics.. Song, Xingliang 519
烟台四十里湾浮游植物群落的季节变化及其对环境的指示意义 蒋金杰 515
The influence of the cationic of quaternized chitosan on antifungal activity Guo, Zhanyong 513
Methyl jasmonate- or gibberellins A(3)-induced astaxanthin accumulation is associa.. Lu, Yandu 512
海水中重金属铅的检测方法研究进展 苏庆梅 512
Synthesis, characterization and antifungal properties of N,O-(acyl)-N-(trimethyl) .. Li, Rongchun 505
广州市海珠区高密度城区扩展SLEUTH模型模拟       李明杰 502
Highly efficient synthesis and antioxidant activity of O-(aminoethyl)inulin Ren, Jianming 501
水产养殖环境常见四环素类抗生素抗性基因tet(M)的演化及传播的初步分析 陈琳琳 499
海岸环境中微塑料污染及其生态效应研究进展 周倩 498
Delivery and control techniques for microfluids Li Qingling 496
Toxicological responses to acute mercury exposure for three species of Manila clam.. Liu, Xiaoli 496
Potentiometric flow injection system for determination of reductants using a polym.. Song, Wenjing 495
Impact of silver nanoparticles on human cells: Effect of particle size Liu, Wei 493
石油污染场地土壤修复技术及工程化应用 刘五星 493
Characteristics of water isotopes and hydrograph separation during the wet season .. Liu, Yuhong 492
一种侵入式光纤荧光浮游植物测量系统 陈令新 490
The moisture absorption and retention abilities of carboxymethyl inulin and quater.. Liu,Jingli 490
Adsorption of Phosphate from Aqueous Solution Using an Iron-Zirconium Binary Oxide.. Ren, Zongmin 490
Molecular cloning and characterization of novel cathelicidin-derived myeloid antim.. Wang, Yipeng 489
Biotic and abiotic factors controlling the spatial and temporal variation of soil .. Han GX 488
Web时空数据挖掘研究进展 孙嘉 483
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Application of spatio-temporal data mining and knowledge discovery for detection o.. Hou,Xi-Yong 36
生物炭对土壤理化性质影响的研究进展 武玉 31
The potential health risk of titania nanoparticles Zhang, Ruinan 25
MODIS NDVI时间序列数据的去云算法比较 梁守真 24
Fingerprint and weathering characteristics of crude oils after Dalian oil spill, C.. Wang, Chuanyuan 24
粒级-标准偏差法和主成分因子分析法在粒度敏感因子提取中的对比 陈桥 22
海岸环境中微塑料污染及其生态效应研究进展 周倩 20
滨海潮滩土壤中微塑料的分离及其表面微观特征 周倩 19
Framework and practice of integrated coastal zone management in Shandong Province,.. Wu, X. Q. 17
生物炭对土壤中氮磷有效性影响的研究进展 徐刚 17
Titanium carbide nanoparticles/ion-exchange polymer-based sensor for catalytic str.. Lin, MY 15
Organochlorine pesticides in sediments of Laizhou Bay and its adjacent rivers, Nor.. Zhong, Guangcai 14
Spatial Distribution and Seasonal Variation of Four Current-Use Pesticides (CUPs) .. Lin L 14
Summer atmospheric polybrominated diphenyl ethers in urban and rural areas of nort.. Wang, Chen 13
纯培养节旋藻全基因组提取方法的比较研究 李善策 13
Biochar addition affected the dynamics of ammonia oxidizers and nitrification in m.. Song, Yanjing 13
Impact of Suspended Inorganic Particles on Phosphorus Cycling in the Yellow River .. Pan, Gang 13
基于环境一号卫星的四十里湾透明度遥感反演 禹定峰 13
我国海岸带水污染现状及其修复 孙韶玲 13
Dynamic changes of sediment load in the middle reaches of the Yellow River basin, .. Yue, Xiaoli 13
Magnetic molecularly imprinted microsensor for selective recognition and transport.. Zhang, Z 13
基于高活菌数的瑞士乳杆菌和鼠李糖乳杆菌混合发酵工艺优化 陈庆彩 13
环渤海河流COD入海通量及其对渤海海域COD总量的贡献 晋春虹 13
海洋生物及生态系统对海洋酸化的响应 张锦峰 13
我国近海藻华灾害现状、演变趋势与应对策略 于仁成 13
Toxicity effects of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate to Eisenia fetida at enzyme, cellu.. Ma, Tingting 13
Occurrences and distribution characteristics of organophosphate esters flame retar.. Zhong MY 13
Catalytic hydrodechlorination reactivity of monochlorophenols in aqueous solutions.. Xia, Chuanhai 12
珠江口采砂海域使用权挂牌管理实践及建议       赵明利 12
黄河口潮间盐沼湿地生长季净生态系统CO2交换特征及其影响因素 邢庆会 12
罗非鱼皮明胶硬壳胶囊的制备 邹文婷 12
基于遥感的近30 a中国海岸线和围填海面积变化及成因分析 高志强 12
Spatial-temporal vegetation succession in Yao'an County, Yunnan Province, Southwes.. Yu, Fu-ke 12
Recent Advances in Utilizing Transcription Factors to Improve Plant Abiotic Stress.. Wang, HY 12
Role of reservoir construction in regional land use change in Pengxi River basin u.. Wang, Li-Jing 12
A Review of Sea Cucumber Aquaculture, Ranching, and Stock Enhancement in China Han, QX 12
黄河三角洲不同水位梯度下芦苇植被生态特征及其与环境因子相关关系 管博 10
国内外海岸线变化研究综述 毋亭 10
The role of root-released organic acids and anions in phosphorus transformations i.. Xu Gang 9
Chemical composition of PM2.5 from two tunnels with different vehicular fleet char.. Cui, M 9
Temporal variability in trace metal solubility in a paddy soil not reflected in up.. Pan, Yunyu 9
A new sesquiterpene from an endophytic Aspergillus versicolor strain. Xiang-Hong Liu 8
黄河三角洲刺槐人工林风害成因 曹帮华 8
辽宁省黄海沿岸人工岸线潮间带大型海藻调查与分析研究 冯天威 8
中国污染场地修复的研究进展、问题与展望 骆永明 7
Growth disturbance of extracts from several crops straw (residue) on Ageratina ade.. Yu, Fu-ke 7
PGPR enhanced phytoremediation of petroleum contaminated soil and rhizosphere micr.. Hou, JY 7
Source apportionment of PM2.5 at a regional background site in North China using P.. Zong, Z 7
Determination of six sulfonylurea herbicides in environmental water samples by mag.. Ma, JP 7
Occurrences and distribution characteristics of organophosphate ester flame retard.. Zhong, Mingyu 7
Label free colorimetric sensing of thiocyanate based on inducing aggregation of Tw.. Zhang, Zhiyang 6
上海大气中气相和颗粒相羰基化合物研究 王芳 6
Preparation of photonic-magnetic responsive molecularly imprinted microspheres and.. Peng, HL 6
Three rDNA Loci-Based Phylogenies of Tintinnid Ciliates (Ciliophora, Spirotrichea,.. Zhang, Qianqian 6
海南岛霸王岭热带天然林景观中木本植物功能群划分及其潜在分布 张志东 5
Physicochemical properties of gelatin gels from walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogr.. Yan, Mingyan 5
Water Quality Management Based on Division of Dry and Wet Seasons in Pearl River D.. Fan, Xiaoyun 5
Improved potentiometric response of all-solid-state Pb2+- selective electrode Yu, SY 5
Applications of nanomaterials in potentiometric sensors Yin, Tanji 5
Bacteria-mediated bisphenol A degradation Zhang, Weiwei 5
Assessing oil spill risk in the Chinese Bohai Sea: A case study for both ship and .. Liu, Xin 5
Progressive eutrophication behind the world-largest super floating macroalgal bloo.. Xing, Q.(1) 5
中国海域2000年12海洋初级生产力 邢前国 5
Heavy metals in surface sediments of the intertidal Laizhou Bay, Bohai Sea, China:.. Zhang, JF 5
中国科学院烟台海岸带研究所专辑简介 秦松 5
微生物在地球化学铁循环过程中的作用 陈蕾 5
Distribution of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in coastal wetland soil related la.. Yu, Junbao 5
Soil properties and microbial ecology of a paddy field after repeated applications.. Liu, Xiaoyan 5
Humic substances as a washing agent for Cd-contaminated soils Meng, Fande 5
Removal of phenanthrene from coastal waters by green tide algae Ulva prolifera Zhang, Cui 5
一种以海带(Laminaria japonica)为原料生产沼气的方法 秦松 4
A review of advances in research on marine molluscan antimicrobial peptides and th.. Li Cheng-Hua 4
Levels and distribution of Dechlorane Plus in coastal sediments of the Yellow Sea,.. Zhao, Zhen 4
Recent Advances in Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction for Organic Compounds .. Ma, Jiping 4
Synthesis and antifungal properties of 6-amino-6-deoxyinulin, a kind of precursors.. Ren, Jianming 4
Heavy metal pollution status in surface sediments of the coastal Bohai Bay Gao, Xuelu 4
塔里木河上游段胡杨林历史演变及原因分析 成文连 4
Geochemistry of organic carbon and nitrogen in surface sediments of coastal Bohai .. Gao, Xuelu 4
Direct plant-plant facilitation in coastal wetlands: A review Zhang, Liwen 4
Using in situ and Satellite Hyperspectral Data to Estimate the Surface Suspended S.. Xing, Qianguo 4
Highly Sensitive and Selective Colorimetric Sensing of Hg2+ Based on the Morpholog.. Chen, Ling 4
Quantification of floating macroalgae blooms using the scaled algae index Garcia, Rodrigo A. 4
Salting-out assisted liquid-liquid extraction with the aid of experimental design .. Wen, Yingying 4
Effects of intensive scallop mariculture on macrobenthic assemblages in Sishili Ba.. Han, Qingxi 4
Dynamics of plant metal uptake and metal changes in whole soil and soil particle f.. Li, Zhu 4
Synthesis, characterization, and antifungal activity of novel inulin derivatives w.. Guo, Zhanyong 4
Macroalgal blooms favor heterotrophic diazotrophic bacteria in nitrogen-rich and p.. Zhang X 4
海藻生物肥研究进展与展望 王明鹏 4
海水淡化反渗透膜微生物污染及防控研究进展 郑猛 4
Dynamic change of wheat eco-physiology and implications for establishing high-effi.. Zhao, Hong-bing 4
Promoting Interspecies Electron Transfer with Biochar Chen, Shanshan 4
A near-infrared fluorescent probe for the detection of hydrogen polysulfides biosy.. Gao, Min 4
A simple approach for fabricating solid-contact ion-selective electrodes using nan.. Liang, Rongning 4
Fluorescent probes for hydrogen sulfide detection and bioimaging Yu, Fabiao 4
Recent Advances in Molecularly Imprinted Polymers in Food Analysis Song, Xingliang 4
Effects of Urbanization Expansion on Landscape Pattern and Region Ecological Risk .. Zhou, Di 4
Rape (Brassica chinensis L.) seed germination, seedling growth, and physiology in .. Ma, Tingting 4
中国海域2002年10海洋初级生产力 邢前国 4
Effect of petroleum on carbon and hydrogen isotopic composition of long-chain n-al.. Ho, SJ 4
Synthesis and antioxidant property of novel 1,2,3-triazole-linked starch derivativ.. Tan, WQ 4
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Non-methane hydrocarbon emission profiles from printing and electronic industrial .. Tang, Jian Hui 2
中国海域2008年12海洋初级生产力 邢前国 2
Naked-eye sensitive ELISA-like assay based on gold-enhanced peroxidase-like immuno.. Wang, SS 2
海岸环境中微塑料污染及其生态效应研究进展 周倩 2
Successively amplified electrochemical immunoassay based on biocatalytic depositio.. Chen, Zhao-Peng 1
The synthesis of astaxanthin esters, independent of the formation of cysts, highly.. Miao FengPing 1
Environmental status of Daya Bay surface sediments inferred from a sequential extr.. Gao, Xuelu 1
三江平原不同土地利用方式下土壤氮库的变化特征 孙志高 1
湿地土壤的硝化-反硝化作用及影响因素 孙志高 1
施用生物质炭对土壤生态系统功能的影响       宋延静 1
自制炭阱吸附装置与气相色谱-质谱联用测定植物的挥发性有机物       郭淑政 1
南沙群岛西部海域两柱状沉积物中碳和氮的分布和来源特征及埋藏通量估算 高学鲁 1
水体中三氮转化规律及影响因素研究 俞盈 1
渤海湾北部和西部海域表层沉积物中无机碳形态研究 王允周 1
Recent advances in molecular imprinting technology: current status, challenges and.. Chen, Lingxin 1
Method of mRNA display for selecting peptides that bind with target enzyme RNA Yan,Song 1
黄河中游连伯滩湿地景观格局变化 郭东罡 1
Heavy metal pollution status in surface sediments of the coastal Bohai Bay Gao, Xuelu 1
Label free colorimetric sensing of thiocyanate based on inducing aggregation of Tw.. Zhang, Zhiyang 1
Soil temperature and biotic factors drive the seasonal variation of soil respirati.. Han GX 1
道南膜技术测定Ca(NO_3)_2溶液体系中汞的化学形态 张红振 1
Single-Piece Solid-Contact Pb2+-Selective Electrodes Based on Thiophene Oligomer Xu, Shuhua 1
Advances in genetic engineering of marine algae Qin, Song 1
Impacts of biochar on agriculture soils and environmental implications Xu, Gang 1
山东沿海地区土地利用和景观格局变化 吴莉 1
Potentiometric aptasensing based on target-induced conformational switch of a DNA .. Ding, Jiawang 1
Report on Crassispirinae Morrison, 1966 (Mollusca: Neogastropoda: Turridae) from t.. Li BQ 1
Spatial Distribution of As, Cr, Pb, Cd, Cu, and Zn in the Water and Sediment of a .. Zhang, Hua 1
Nonhalogenated organic molecules from Laurencia algae Ji, Nai-Yun 1
电化学传感技术在海洋环境监测中的应用 丁家旺 1
集成点燃和火源的火险指数应用研究 黄宝华 1
土壤中苯并[a]芘对白符跳(Folsomia candida)的生态毒性研究 秦佳祎 1
葡萄糖和木糖对小球藻Chlorella zofingiensis异养生产虾青素的影响 陈涛 1
Spatial and temporal variations of nitrous oxide flux between coastal marsh and th.. Sun, Zhigao 1
Differential metabolic responses of clam Ruditapes philippinarum to Vibrio anguill.. Liu, Xiaoli 1
Applications of nanomaterials in potentiometric sensors Yin, Tanji 1
Rhizobacteria (Pseudomonas sp SB) assist phytoremediation of oily-sludge-contamina.. Liu, Wuxing 1
Proteomic and metabolomic analysis reveal gender-specific responses of mussel Myti.. Ji, Chenglong 1
Dummy Molecularly Imprinted Polymers-Capped CdTe Quantum Dots for the Fluorescent .. Xu, Shoufang 1
Dual cloud point extraction coupled with hydrodynamic-electrokinetic two-step inje.. Wen, Yingying 1
Characteristics of the Bohai Sea oil spill and its impact on the Bohai Sea ecosyst.. Guo Jie 1
Assessing benthic ecological status in coastal area near Changjiang River estuary .. Liu Lusan 1
Induction of oxidative stress and related transcriptional effects of perfluoronona.. Yang, Shaoli 1
A rule to distinguish diastereomeric bianthrones by H-1 NMR Ji, Nai-Yun 1
大型海藻内共生真菌次生代谢产物中抑制水华蓝藻物质的分离与活性 左进城 1
海洋微微型蓝细菌分子生态学研究进展 李佳霖 1
莱州湾渔业资源与环境变化趋势分析 张锦峰 1
砣矶岛国家大气背景站PM_(2.5)化学组成及季节变化特征 张帆 1
不同肥料类型对滨海盐碱地棉花生长及肥料利用率的影响 孙凯宁 1
紧扣时代主题 倡导耕耘蓝色国土——李靖宇教授海域开发研究成果评述 于良巨 1
Seasonal variations and spatial distributions of perfluoroalkyl substances in the .. Zhao, Zhen 1
Biodegradation of phenanthrene by Pseudomonas sp BZ-3, isolated from crude oil con.. Lin, Meng 1
Seasonal Dynamics of Rhizosphere Soil Microbial Abundances and Enzyme Activities u.. Zhang, Li-Hua 1
Promoting Interspecies Electron Transfer with Biochar Chen, Shanshan 1
Ergosteroid derivatives from an algicolous strain of Aspergillus ustus Liu, Xiang-Hong 1
Repair wind field in oil contaminated areas with SAR images Guo Jie 1
Impact of progressive urbanization and changing cropping systems on soil erosion a.. Lu, Qingshui 1
The responses of vegetation water content (EWT) and assessment of drought monitori.. Gao, Zhiqiang 1
Measurements of emission factors of PM2.5, OC, EC, and BC for household stoves of .. Chen, Yingjun 1
Adsorptive removal of arsenic from aqueous solution by zeolitic imidazolate framew.. Jian, Meipeng 1
Responses of CH4 emissions to nitrogen addition and Spartina alterniflora invasion.. Mou Xiaojie 1
Kinetic modeling of antimony(V) adsorption-desorption and transport in soils Zhang, Hua 1
Development of a poly(alizarin red S)/ionic liquid film modified electrode for vol.. Zhang, Qing 1
Organochlorinated Compounds in the Air at NAEO, an Eastern Background Site in Chin.. Liu, Di 1
Highly Sensitive Visual Detection of Copper Ions Based on the Shape-Dependent LSPR.. Zhang, Zhiyang 1
Progressive eutrophication behind the world-largest super floating macroalgal bloo.. Xing, Q.(1) 1
Potentiometric detection of chemical vapors using molecularly imprinted polymers a.. Liang, RN 1
中国海域2004年7月海洋初级生产力 邢前国 1
A dual response near-infrared fluorescent probe for hydrogen polysulfides and supe.. Yu, FB 1
Flux and budget of BC in the continental shelf seas adjacent to Chinese high BC em.. Fang, Y 1
Estimating the economic damages from the Penglai 19-3 oil spill to the Yantai fish.. Pan, Guangchen 1
Synthesis and antioxidant property of novel 1,2,3-triazole-linked starch derivativ.. Tan, WQ 1
Novel triazolyl-functionalized chitosan derivatives with different chain lengths o.. Li, Q 1
Graphene quantum dots combined with copper(II) ions as a fluorescent probe for tur.. Yu, NX 1
Characteristics of residual organochlorine pesticides in soils under different lan.. Li, Y 1
Distribution, input pathway and mass inventory of black carbon in sediments of the.. Hu, LM 1
Impact of particulate and dissolved material on light absorption properties in a H.. Nima, C 1
Role of winds and tides in timing of beach strandings, occurrence, and significanc.. Keesing, JK 1
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