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Alternative Title: Progress on microplastics pollution and its ecological effects in the coastal environment
Author: 周倩; 章海波; 李远; 骆永明
Source: 科学通报
ISSN: 0023-074X
Issued Date: 2015-11-30
Volume: 60, Issue:33, Pages:3210-3220
Keyword: 微塑料 ; 海岸环境 ; 复合污染 ; 生态效应
DOI: 10.1360 / N972015-00714
Rank: 中国科学院海岸带环境过程与生态修复重点实验室烟台海岸带研究所;中国科学院大学资源与环境学院;
Department: 中科院海岸带环境过程与生态修复重点实验室
Abstract: 海洋及海岸环境中的微塑料作为一种新型污染物近年来受到广泛关注.通过系统调研,综述了近10年来国际上在海岸环境中微塑料污染及其生态效应方面的研究进展;认为完善高效准确的微塑料分析与鉴定方法,建立可靠的源解析技术和模型仍然是当前海岸环境微塑料研究亟待解决的关键技术难点.同时,基于洋流、潮汐等水动力模型揭示海岸环境微塑料的时空分布规律,结合微塑料表面特性阐明微塑料与毒害污染物结合与释放机制,系统构建微塑料及其复合污染物的生态与健康风险评估的方法学平台和基础数据库将是今后该领域研究的热点.因此,在联系国际前沿科学问题与关键技术难点的基础上,紧密结合海岸带污染特征,未来应重点加强海岸带微塑料污染状况的调...
English Abstract: Microplastics are emerging pollutants in marine and coastal environments and are of concern worldwide.This paper systematically summarizes the research progress on microplastics pollution and its ecological effects in the coastal environment around the world during the past ten years.There remain some key technical points that need to be solved urgently to study mircroplastics pollution,including highly efficient and accurate separation and identification methods and reliable source identification techniques and models.Future hot topics in this field of study are likely to include:the spatial and temporal distribution of microplastics in the coastal environment based on hydrodynamic models of ocean currents and tides;binding and release mechanisms of toxic pollutants with respect to the surface characteristics of microplastics;and methodology and databases for ecotoxicology and human health assessment of pollution with microplastics alone and in combination with toxic pollutants.Future research on microplastics pollution in the coastal environment will thus be subject to the integration of the international occurrence of plastics pollution and the development of key techniques to study the status of microplastics pollution in the coastal environment.On this basis prospective studies may focus on investigation of and monitoring of microplastics in the coastal environment,the combined occurrence of microplastics with other emerging pollutants,the transfer and bioaccumulation of microplastics and their combined pollutants among the different trophic levels,and the management of microplastics pollution.All these topics will contribute to filling the knowledge gap in mircroplastics pollution and promote the development of appropriate regulatory mechanisms.
Funder: 中国科学院重点部署项目(KZZD-EW-14) ; 中国科学院战略先导专项(XDA11020402)资助
DOC Type: 期刊论文
Indexed Type: CSCD
Language: 中文
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Content Type: 期刊论文
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周倩,章海波,李远,等. 海岸环境中微塑料污染及其生态效应研究进展[J]. 科学通报,2015,60(33):3210-3220.
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