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Fluorescent chemical probes for accurate tumor diagnosis and targeting therapy 期刊论文
CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS, 2017, 卷号: 46, 期号: 8, 页码: 2237-2271
Authors:  Gao, Min;  Yu, Fabiao;  Lv, Changjun;  Choo, Jaebum;  Chen, Lingxin;  Yu, FB
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Near-infrared Fluorescence  Aggregation-induced-emission  Carbonic-anhydrase-ix  Growth-factor Receptor  Cholecystokinin-b/gastrin Receptors  Theranostic Platinum(Iv) Prodrug  Optical Imaging Probes  Membrane Antigen Psma  Low-molecular-weight  Breast-cancer Cells  
Chemical Basis of Interactions Between Engineered Nanoparticles and Biological Systems 期刊论文
CHEMICAL REVIEWS, 2014, 卷号: 114, 期号: 15, 页码: 7740-7781
Authors:  Mu, Qingxin;  Jiang, Guibin;  Chen, Lingxin;  Zhou, Hongyu;  Fourches, Denis;  Tropsha, Alexander;  Yan, Bing;  Yan, B (reprint author), Shandong Univ, Sch Chem & Chem Engn, Jinan 250100, Peoples R China. drbingyan@yahoo.com
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Walled Carbon Nanotubes  Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles  Titanium-dioxide Nanoparticles  Bovine Serum-albumin  Semiconductor Quantum Dots  Coated Gold Nanoparticles  Supported Lipid-bilayers  Anionic Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles  Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles  Quantitative Structure-activity  
微藻类胡萝卜素代谢关键酶基因的基因组学研究 学位论文
, 北京: 中国科学院大学, 2014
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微藻  类胡萝卜素羟化酶  类胡萝卜素裂解双加氧酶  比较基因组学  功能基因组学  
基于基因组测序的海洋链霉菌W007次生代谢产物的研究 学位论文
, 烟台: 中国科学院研究生院, 2012
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海洋链霉菌  基因组测序  次级代谢  聚酮合酶基因簇  Augucyclione类抗生素  
Genome-Wide Analysis of Biotin Biosynthesis in Eukaryotic Photosynthetic Algae 期刊论文
PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY REPORTER, 2012, 卷号: 30, 期号: 2, 页码: 421-432
Authors:  Cui, Hongli;  Wang, Yipeng;  Zhang, Hongyu;  Wang, Yinchu;  Qin, Song
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Biotin Biosynthesis  Molecular Evolution  Coevolution  Comparative Genomics  Algae  
两种真核微藻逆境响应关键基因的调控机理研究 学位论文
: 中国科学院研究生院, 2010
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非生物胁迫  Β-胡萝卜素酮化酶  虾青素  Δ12脂肪酸去饱和酶  Δ12 不饱和脂肪酸