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MiaoHua Mao Professor
Institute: Key Laboratory of Coastal Zone Environmental Processes, Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (KLCEP)
Research Fields: Nearshore wave-current dynamics and interaction
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MiaoHua Mao

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Nearshore hydrodynamics, numerical modeling and observations of wave-current interaction, improvement and application of the wave-current coupled and Lagrangian models.


I got his BS in Zhejiang University, and achieved PhD degree at University of Maryland Eastern Shore in 2018. I work at Yantai Insitute of Coastal Zone Research (YIC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) as Professor. My research interests include not are not limited to nearshore hydrodynamics, numberical modeling and observation of wave-current interaction. Dr. Mao has published 8 papers in the prestigious top journals of physical oceanography and numerical modeling including JGR: Oceans and Ocean Modelling, and presented nearly 20 times at the international acedamic conferences. Dr. Mao is a reviewer of peer-reviewerd journals such as Progress in Oceanography, Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science (ECSS), Ocean Dynamics, Journal of Coastal Research, Acta Oceanologica Sinica, Periodical of Ocean University of China, and award as the outstanding contribution in reviewing ECSS of year 2018. I am the Principal Investigator (PI) of several projects including the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) etc.

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