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Guo Jie
Institute: Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Guo Jie

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One of the main research work: microwave remote sensing oil film identification, emulsification and oil film thickness research.

Research work 2: Inversion of wind field and wave parameters.

Research work 3: Application of Marine Remote sensing and numerical simulation in Marine disasters; Such as typhoon, enteromorpha, hypoxia and other Marine disasters.


Name:Guo Jie. Gender:Female .Date of Birth: July, 1965.
Professional Title:Associate research fellow. Education Background:September 1998 to July 2002.Ocean University (Qingdao) of China of applied mathematics (B.S.);September 2003 to July 2006.Oceanography from Ocean University (Qingdao) of China of Physical Marin(M.S.);September 2006 to July 2009.University of Chinese Academy of Sciences of Physical Oceanography (Ph.D);

Work Background and Interest:
She joined in the Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, Chinese Academy of Science, in July, 2009. Associate research fellow was from 2013 to 2016. Her research interests include ocean waves, sea surface wind speed of alongshore, oil spill and Enteromorpha by remote sensing data. 
She has taken part in dozens of major project research work, such as the altimeter, scattering and SAR active microwave sensors and so on many important topics of research work. There were including the National 863 plan projects, National Defence Preresearch Project, International Partnership Project, Dragon Plan 4. She has hosted 5 national Natural Science Foundation projects, Shandong -NSFC Joint Fund and Sino-Russian International cooperation projects of National Fund. He has presided over more than a dozen important projects. He is currently leading the National Natural Science Foundation of China: "Experimental Research on Oil Film Thickness and Oil Species Identification by Microwave Detection Technology in Emulsification Process" and the Shandong -NSFC Joint Foundation key Project: "Research on environmental indicators and early warning Methods of Low dissolved oxygen in Central Bohai Sea Based on Multi-source monitoring and numerical Simulation; Chinese Academy of Sciences exchange program and international Talent program; Participated in the major research and development project of the Ministry of Science and Technology: the sub-topic of research and development and application of environmental security decision support system for important Marine strategic channels and strategic fulcrum, and successfully completed the task. He has published 66 academic papers, including 40 SCI/EI papers.

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