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A portable spectrum measurement system based on laser-Raman and fluoresce spectrum for cooking oil analysis [会议论文]
2012 International Conference on Advances in Mechanics Engineering, ICAME 2012, Hong kong, August 3, 2012 - August 5, 2012
Feng, WeiWei(冯巍巍); Zhang, Wei; Tian, Xiao-Xue; Peng, Hai-Long; Xiong, Hua; Chen, Ling-Xin
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Measurement of the Muller matrix for painted surfaces with a kind of scatterometer [会议论文]
5th International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies: Optical Test and Measurement Technology and Equipment, ., 2010-04-26
Feng, WeiWei(冯巍巍); Wei,Qingnong; Chen,Lingxin
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A hybrid genetic algorithm in PBRDF modeling [会议论文]
2010 6th International Conference on Natural Computation, ICNC'10, 2010-08-10
Feng, WeiWei(冯巍巍); Wei,Qingnong; Li,Jinhua; Chen,Lingxin
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