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Occurrence and Ecological Risks from Fipronil in Aquatic Environments located within Residential Landscapes 共享期刊论文
Authors:  Wu, J;  Lu J(吕剑);  Lu, H;  Lin, YJ;  Wilson, PC;  Wilson, PC (reprint author) Univ Florida, IFAS, Soil & Water Sci Dept, POB 110290, Gainesville, FL 32611 USA. pcwilson@ufl.edu
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Risk Assessment  Pesticide  Emerging Contaminants  Endocrine-disrupting Chemicals  
Transcriptomic and Genetic Analysis of Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer 共享期刊论文
Shrestha, Pravin Malla; Rotaru, Amelia-Elena; Summers, Zarath M.; Shrestha, Minita; Liu, Fanghua; Lovley, Derek R.
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Fe(Iii) Oxide Reduction  C-type Cytochrome  Geobacter-sulfurreducens  Pelobacter-carbinolicus  Expression Patterns  Anaerobic-bacteria  Fuel-cells  Rna-seq  Genome  Metabolism  
A PAS-domain containing chemoreceptor couples dynamic changes in metabolism with tactic chemotaxis. 共享期刊论文
Authors:  Xie ZH;  Ulrich L;  Zhulin I;  Alexandre G
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Bacterial and archaeal assemblages in sediments of a large shallow freshwater lake, Lake Taihu, as revealed by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis 共享期刊论文
Liu, F. H.; Lin, G. H.; Gao, G.; Qin, B. Q.; Zhang, J. S.; Zhao, G. P.; Zhou, Z. H.; Shen, J. H.
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16s Ribosomal-rna  Bacterioplankton Community Composition  Cyanobacterial Blooms  Recent Eutrophication  Microbial Community  Diversity  China  Pcr  Dynamics  Plankton