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A PAS-domain containing chemoreceptor couples dynamic changes in metabolism with tactic chemotaxis. 共享期刊论文
作者:  Xie ZH;  Ulrich L;  Zhulin I;  Alexandre G
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The structure of the bacterial and archaeal community in a biogas digester as revealed by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis and 16S rDNA sequencing analysis 共享期刊论文
Liu, F. H.; Wang, S. B.; Zhang, J. S.; Zhang, J.; Yan, X.; Zhou, H. K.; Zhao, G. P.; Zhou, Z. H.
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Propionate-degrading Bacterium  Rate Anaerobic Bioreactor  Chain Fatty-acids  Microbial Community  Ribosomal-rna  Phylogenetic Diversity  Methanogenic Archaea  Reactor Performance  Storage Pits  Waste-water  
Bacterial and archaeal assemblages in sediments of a large shallow freshwater lake, Lake Taihu, as revealed by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis 共享期刊论文
Liu, F. H.; Lin, G. H.; Gao, G.; Qin, B. Q.; Zhang, J. S.; Zhao, G. P.; Zhou, Z. H.; Shen, J. H.
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16s Ribosomal-rna  Bacterioplankton Community Composition  Cyanobacterial Blooms  Recent Eutrophication  Microbial Community  Diversity  China  Pcr  Dynamics  Plankton  
Characteristics of a new photosynthetic bacterial strain for hydrogen production and its application in wastewater treatment 共享期刊论文
Tao, Yongzhen; He, Yanling; Wu, Yongqiang; Liu, Fanghua; Li, Xinfeng; Zong, Wenming; Zhou, Zhihua
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Rhodobacter-sphaeroides Rv  Volatile Fatty-acids  Rhodopseudomonas-capsulata  Biohydrogen Production  Rhodospirillum-rubrum  H-2 Production  Sole Substrate  Gas-production  Cultures  Acetate  
Direct liquefaction of sawdust under syngas 共享期刊论文
Wang, G; Li, W; Li, BQ; Chen, HK
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Liquefaction  Sawdust  Syngas  
Direct liquefaction of sawdust under syngas with and without catalyst 共享期刊论文
Wang G(王刚); Li, W (Li, Wen); Li, BQ (Li, Baoqing); Chen, HK (Chen, Haokan); Bai, J (Bai, Jin)
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Sawdust Liquefaction  Catalyst Preparation  Syngas  Solvent  
The direct liquefaction of sawdust in tetralin 共享期刊论文
Wang, G (王刚); Li, W (Li, W.); Chen, H (Chen, H.); Li, B (Li, B.)
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Hydrogen Liquefaction  Sawdust  Tetralin  
土壤侵蚀模型研究中的几个问题 共享期刊论文
王德; 傅伯杰; 赵文武; 陈利顶
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土壤侵蚀模型  过程  尺度  不确定性  
不同液化条件下生物质残渣的燃烧特性研究 共享期刊论文
王刚; 李文; 李保庆; 陈皓侃
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生物质  液化残渣  燃烧特性  动力学  
太平洋海面粗糙度的计算及波长的提取 共享期刊论文
过杰; 郭佩芳; 周良明
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海面粗糙度  阻力系数  海面风速  波长