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Expression and characterization of a novel metagenome-derived cellulase Exo2b and its application to improve cellulase activity in Trichoderma reesei 共享期刊论文
Geng, Alei; Zou, Gen; Yan, Xing; Wang, Qianfu; Zhang, Jun; Liu, Fanghua; Zhu, Baoli; Zhou, Zhihua
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Filamentous Fungi  Beta-glucosidase  Clostridium-thermocellum  Talaromyces-emersonii  Enzymatic-hydrolysis  Natural-products  Soil Metagenome  Bovine Rumen  Bacillus Sp  Purification  
Interspecies Electron Transfer via Hydrogen and Formate Rather than Direct Electrical Connections in Cocultures of Pelobacter carbinolicus and Geobacter sulfurreducens 共享期刊论文
Rotaru, Amelia-Elena; Shrestha, Pravin M.; Liu, Fanghua; Ueki, Toshiyuki; Nevin, Kelly; Summers, Zarath M.; Lovley, Derek R.
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Anaerobic-bacteria  Gene-expression  Oxide Reduction  Fe(Iii)  Acetate  Metabolism  Butyrate  Genome  Environments  Respiration  
Promoting direct interspecies electron transfer with activated carbon 共享期刊论文
Liu, Fanghua; Rotaru, Amelia-Elena; Shrestha, Pravin M.; Malvankar, Nikhil S.; Nevin, Kelly P.; Lovley, Derek R.
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Waste-water Treatment  Microbial Fuel-cells  Geobacter-sulfurreducens  Anaerobic Respiration  Bacterial Communities  Genetic System  Fe(Iii) Oxide  Double-layer  Sp-nov  Reduction