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Assessing on toxic potency of PM2.5-bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at a national atmospheric background site in North China 期刊论文
SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 2018, 卷号: 612, 页码: 330-338
作者:  Wang, Xiaoping;  Zong, Zheng;  Tian, Chongguo;  Chen, Yingjun;  Luo, Chunling;  Tang, Jianhui;  Li, Jun;  Zhang, Gan;  Tian, Chongguo(Chinese Acad Sci, Yantai Inst Coastal Zone Res, Key Lab Coastal Zone Environm Proc & Ecol Remedia, Yantai 264003, Peoples R China)
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Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons  Pm2.5  Toxic Potency  Tuoji Island  North China  
Spatiotemporal variations and regional differences of extreme precipitation events in the Coastal area of China from 1961 to 2014 期刊论文
ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH, 2017, 卷号: 197, 页码: 94-104
作者:  Wang, Xiaoli;  Hou, Xiyong;  Wang, Yuandong;  Hou, Xiyong(Chinese Acad Sci, Yantai Inst Coastal Zone Res, Yantai 264003, Peoples R China)
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Extreme Precipitation Events  Spatial-temporal Variation  Regional Difference  Coastal Area Of China  
Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in the urban, industrial, and background atmosphere of Northeastern China coast around the Bohai Sea: Occurrence, partitioning, and seasonal variation 期刊论文
ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 2017, 卷号: 167, 期号: 0, 页码: 150-158
作者:  Yao, Yiming;  Chang, Shuai;  Zhao, Yangyang;  Tang, Jianhui;  Sun, Hongwen;  Xie, Zhiyong;  Tang, Jianhui(Chinese Acad Sci, Yantai Inst Coastal Zone Res, Key Lab Coastal Environm Proc & Ecol Remediat, Yantai 264003, Shandong, Peoples R China);  Sun, Hongwen(Nankai Univ, Coll Environm Sci & Engn, MOE Key Lab Pollut Proc & Environm Criteria, Tianjin 300071, Peoples R China)
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Pfass  Occurrence  Partitioning  Seasonal Variation  Atmospheric Transport  China  
Geochemical evidence of the indirect pathway of terrestrial particulate material transport to the Okinawa Trough 期刊论文
QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL, 2017, 卷号: 441, 页码: 51-61
作者:  Chen, Chen-Tung Arthur;  Kandasamy, Selvaraj;  Chang, Yuan-Pin;  Bai, Yan;  He, Xianqiang;  Lu, Jung-Tai;  Gao, Xuelu
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Marine Sediments  East China Sea  Okinawa Trough  Typhoons  Biomarkers  
Identifying priority sites and gaps for the conservation of migratory waterbirds in China's coastal wetlands 期刊论文
BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION, 2017, 卷号: 210, 页码: 72-82
作者:  Xia, Shaoxia;  Yu, Xiubo;  Millington, Spike;  Liu, Yu;  Jia, Yifei;  Wang, Longzhu;  Hou, Xiyong;  Jiang, Luguang
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Bird Conservation  China's Coastal Wetlands  Conservation Priorities  East Asian-australasian Flyway (Eaaf)  Protection Gap Analysis  
Riverine carbon fluxes to the South China Sea 期刊论文
作者:  Huang, T. H.;  Chen, C. T. A.;  Tseng, H. C.;  Lou, J. Y.;  Wang, S. L.;  Yang, L.;  Kandasamy, S.;  Gao, X.;  Wang, J. T.;  Aldrian, E.;  Jacinto, G. S.;  Anshari, G. Z.;  Sompongchaiyakul, P.;  Wang, B. J.
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Riverine Carbon  South China Sea  Dissolved Inorganic Carbon  Dissolved Organic Carbon  Particulate Organic Carbon  Particulate Inorganic Carbon  
Distribution of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in coastal wetland soil related land use in the Modern Yellow River Delta 期刊论文
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 2016, 卷号: 6, 页码: 37940-
作者:  Yu, Junbao;  Zhan, Chao;  Li, Yunzhao;  Zhou, Di;  Fu, Yuqin;  Chu, Xiaojing;  Xing, Qinghui;  Han, Guangxuan;  Wang, Guangmei;  Guan, Bo;  Wang, Qing;  Yu, JB;  Wang, Q (reprint author), Ludong Univ, Coll Resource & Environm Engn, Yantai 264025, Peoples R China.;  Yu, JB (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Yantai Inst Coastal Zone Res, Key Lab Coastal Environm Processes & Ecol Remedia, Yantai 264003, Peoples R China. Email:junbao.yu@gmail.com;  schingwang@126.com
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Spatial-distribution Characteristics  Organic-carbon  Storage Changes  China  Sediments  Water  Ecosystem  Dynamics  Estuary  Matter  
Assessing pollution-related effects of oil spills from ships in the Chinese Bohai Sea 期刊论文
MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN, 2016, 卷号: 110, 期号: 1, 页码: 194-202
作者:  Liu, X;  Guo, MX;  Wang, YB;  Yu, X;  Guo, J;  Tang, C;  Hu, XK;  Wang, CY;  Li, BQ;  Liu, X (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Key Lab Coastal Zone Environm Proc, Yantai 264003, Peoples R China. Email:xliu@yic.ac.cn
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Bohai Sea  China  Contingency Management Oil Spill  Statistical Analysis  Trajectory Simulation  
Characteristics of coastline changes in mainland China since the early 1940s 期刊论文
SCIENCE CHINA-EARTH SCIENCES, 2016, 卷号: 59, 期号: 9, 页码: 1791-1802
作者:  Hou, XY;  Wu, T;  Hou, W;  Chen, Q;  Wang, YD;  Yu, LJ;  Hou, XY (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Yantai Inst Coastal Zone Res, Yantai 264003, Peoples R China. Email:xyhou@yic.ac.cn
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China  Mainland Coastline  Coastline Structure  Coastline Fractal Dimension  Coastline Change Rate  Land-sea Change  Bay Area  
Metal contamination status of the soil-plant system and effects on the soil microbial community near a rare metal recycling smelter 期刊论文
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH, 2016, 卷号: 23, 期号: 17, 页码: 17625-17634
作者:  Li, Z;  Ma, TT;  Yuan, C;  Hou, JY;  Wang, QL;  Wu, LH;  Christie, P;  Luo, YM;  Wu, LH (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Soil Sci, Key Lab Soil Environm & Pollut Remediat, Nanjing 210008, Peoples R China. Email:lhwu@issas.ac.cn
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Bacterial Community  Bcf  Rare Metals  Soil Contamination  South China