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the society of photo-optical instrumentation engineers (spie)(19)
ministry of earth sciences; national aeronautics and space administration (nasa); state key laboratory of remote sensing science; the society of photo-optical instrumentation engineers (spie)(3)
geoscience and remote sensing society (grs)(2)
the institute of electrical and electronics engineers,; geoscience and remote sensing society (ieee grss)(2)
国家社科基金特别委托项目(2007@zh005); 国家软科学重大项目(2007gxq4d166)  (2)
国家自然科学基金(30430570和30340047); 国家林业局948项目(2002-54)  (2)
国家自然科学基金(40801124);; 山东省中青年科学家科研奖励基金(2010bsa06013);; 中国科学院创新团队国际合作伙伴计划;; 中国科学院数字地球重点实验室开放基金(2011lde015);; 中国科学院研究生院院长基金资助(2)
(china) national high technology projects [2008aa09z102](1)
atlantis press; fuzhou university, college of environment and resources; hebei united university; henan normal university, college of environment; jiangsu computer society(1)
canadian space agency government related initiatives program; national nature science foundation of china [41176170]; nanjing university of information science and technology [s8111003001]; national natural science youth foundation of jiangsu province [sbk201241656](1)
cas [kzcx2-yw-224-04]; national natural science foundation of china [41001013](1)
cas strategic priority research program [xda05130703]; knowledge innovation of the chinese academy of sciences [kzcx2-yw-224](1)
cas, china[kzcx2-yw-q07-01]; cas/safea international partnership program for creative research teams-"representative environmental processes and resources effects in coastal zone" by cnrs (france) through a postdoctoral fellowship; cnes (france) through the coulcot project(1)
china national 863 project[2009aa12z135]; chinese academy of sciences[kzcx2-yw-q07-01]; chinese university of hong kong[2020928]; hong kong general research fund[cuhk454909]; cnrs; cnes, france(1)
china postdoctoral science foundation [2012m520362]; national natural science foundation of china [41171334, 41071278]; talent fund of yantai institute of coastal zone research, ecological innovation & breeding project [y254021031]; usda nifa project [2010-34263-21075]; focused deployment project, chinese academy of sciences [kzzd-ew-08-02](1)
china scholarship council ; nsf of china [30470298](1)
chinese academy of science to young scientists in western china [0628221001]; national science foundation of china [40501012]; the knowledge innovation project of cas [kzcx2-xb2-04-02](1)
chinese academy of sciences [kzcx1-yw-12, kzcx2-yw-q11-02](1)
chinese academy of sciences [kzcx1-yw-12-01, kzcx2-yw-br-04, sq200916, sq200809]; national natural science foundation of china [40806003]; national high technology research and development program of china [2008aa09a402](1)


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