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其他题名: Spatial and Temporal Evolution and Driving Mechanism of Man-made Ditches in the Yellow River Delta from 1976 to 2015
作者: 宗敏; 王光镇; 韩广轩; 栗云召; 赵敏
刊名: 鲁东大学学报(自然科学版)
ISSN号: 1673-8020
出版日期: 2017-01-30
卷号: 33, 期号:1, 页码:74-77
关键词: 农业沟渠 ; 道路沟渠 ; 时空演变 ; 驱动机制 ; 黄河三角洲
产权排序: (1)鲁东大学资源与环境工程学院;(2)中国科学院烟台海岸带研究所海岸带环境过程与生态修复重点实验室;(3)东营市国土资源局;
通讯作者: 韩广轩
作者部门: 中科院海岸带环境过程与生态修复重点实验室
中文摘要: 人工沟渠作为湿地中高强度人类活动的缩影,强烈影响着湿地的水文过程与生态环境,成为湿地演变的主要驱动力之一.基于1976—2015年黄河三角洲27期遥感影像和1∶10万地形图,通过目视解译获得人工沟渠(农业沟渠和道路沟渠)数据,定量分析了人工沟渠的时空演变过程及驱动机制.结果表明:(1)黄河三角洲人工沟渠长度、密度呈明显的线性上升趋势,其长度、密度年均分别增长160km和53m/km2.农业沟渠长度、密度变化可分为两个发展阶段:2000年以前符合s型函数增长,2000年以后呈现出线性增长的趋势.道路沟渠的长度、密度变化一直表现为明显的线性上升趋势,其长度、密度年均分别增长141km和47m/km2.(2)黄河三角洲人工沟渠长度与农田面积呈显著的线性相关(P<0.05),与养殖池面积具有良好的对数关系(P<0.0001),与道路长度呈极显著的线性关系(P<0.0001).(3)多元回归分析结果表明,农田面积和道路长度对人工沟渠长度的协同影响达到99.9%(P<0.0001). 
英文摘要: As an epitome of human activities with high intensity, man-made ditches strongly influence the hydrological process and ecological environment of the wetland,becoming one of the main driving forces of its evolution. Based on the 27 satellite images and the topographic map with the ratio of 1:100000 of the Yellow River Delta from 1976 to 2015 , the data of the man-made ditches ( agricultural and roadside ditches ) were generated by use of the method of visual interpretation and the spatial and temporal evolution process and the driving mechanism were analyzed quantitatively. The results were as follows:(1) From 1976 to 2015,there was a significant linear increase in the length and density of man-made ditches,with the average annual growth rate of 160 km and 53 m/km2 respectively. The evolution in the length and density of agricultural ditches can be di-vided into two development stages:there was sigmoidal growth before 2000,linear growth after 2000. There was a significant linear increase in the length and density of roadside ditches,with the average annual growth rate of 141 km and 47m/km2 respectively. The length of man-made ditches had a significant linear correlation with the area of farmland (P<0. 05),a good logarithmic correlation with the area of culture ponds (P<0. 0001) and a very significant linear correlation with the road length (P<0. 0001). (3)The result of multiple regression anal-ysis showed that the synergistic effect of farmland area and road length on the length of man-made ditches was 99. 9% ( P<0. 0001 ) .
项目资助者: 中国科学院科技服务网络计划项目(KFJ-EW-STS-127) ; 国家自然科学基金(41301083)
收录类别: 其他
语种: 中文
内容类型: 期刊论文
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作者单位: 1.鲁东大学资源与环境工程学院

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宗敏,王光镇,韩广轩,等. 1976—2015年黄河三角洲人工沟渠时空演变及驱动机制[J]. 鲁东大学学报(自然科学版),2017,33(1):74-77.
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