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其他题名: Measurement of Brown Carbon Emission Factors for HouseholdUse of Coal And Biomass in China
作者: 孙建中; 支国瑞; 陈颖军; 田崇国; 张娅蕴; 蔡竟; 孙启耀
刊名: 环境科学与技术
ISSN号: 1003-6504
出版日期: 2016-06-15
卷号: 39, 期号:S1, 页码:338-345
关键词: 居民生活 ; 燃煤 ; 生物质燃料 ; 棕色碳 ; 排放因子 ; 排放量
产权排序: 中国科学院烟台海岸带研究所海岸带环境过程与生态修复重点实验室;中国环境科学研究院环境基准和风险评估国家重点实验室;同济大学环境科学与工程学院;中国石油大学理学院;中国科学院广州地球化学研究所有机地球化学国家重点实验室;中国科学院烟台海岸带研究所山东省海岸带环境过程重点实验室;
通讯作者: 支国瑞,中国环境科学研究院,环境基准和风险评估国家重点实验室,
作者部门: 中科院海岸带环境过程与生态修复重点实验室
中文摘要: 棕色碳(brown carbon,Br C)即吸光有机碳,因其吸光效应对全球气候变化、区域能见度、人体健康等影响而备受关注。我国是化石燃料和生物质燃料消耗大国,在居民生活领域每年有大量的煤炭和生物质燃料的使用,但目前尚没有相应的Br C排放因子(EFBr C)的实测数据。该研究通过七波段黑碳仪对农村冬季居民生活用煤和生物质燃烧产生的烟气进行现场实测研究,利用Br C和黑碳(BC)吸光波长指数(魡)的差异,计算二者比值(RBr C/BC),并结合碳平衡法测得的黑碳排放因子(EFBC)计算EFBr C;利用我国2000年居民生活用燃煤和生物质燃料的使用量,进而初步估算我国Br C的排放量。结果表明...
英文摘要: Brown carbon (BrC), i.e., light -absorbing organic carbon, is receiving increasing attention in global climate change, regional visibility, and human health, etc. As a major consumption country of fossil fuels and biomass fuels, China burns large amounts of coal and biomass fuels in households every year, but the measured emission factors (EFs) for BrC are not available. In this study, a 7-wavelength aethalometer was used to determine the ratio of BrC to black carbon (BC) in pri- mary emissions (RBrC/BC) from residential coal combustion and biomass fuel burning in the rural areas of China in wintertime. BrC emission factors (EFBrC) were calculated according to the RBrC/BC determined above and the BC emission factors (EFBC) measured by carbon balance method (CBM). Based on the RBrC/BC obtained and the consumptions of residential coal and biomass fuels, total BrC emissions from residential coal and biomass fuels in China were estimated. The results show that (1) the average EFBrC of residential coal combustion is (0.031 ± 0.040) g/kg, and the average of EFBrC of the residential biomass fuel burning is (0.061 ± 0.060) g/kg, with the latter one being twice the former one, suggesting that residential biomass fuel burning has a higher emission efficiency of BrC than residential coal combustion; (2)the EFBrC of residential coal changes with Vdaf and shows a “bell”shape style, with the medium volatile bituminous (MVB) coal having the highest EFBrC; however, given the limited coal samples used (n=3), such result is quite preliminary and needs further research; (3)the RBrC/BC for resi- dential biomass fuel burning is significantly lower than that for open biomass burning, probably because the biomass fuels used in household conditions are dryer than in open field, and the contained combustion in stoves with flues is more complete due to better air access; (4)the EFBrC in this study has a good relationship with emission factors of charred elemental carbon (EFchar-EC) measured by thermal-optical method, especially for the biomass fuel burning (R2>0.96), implying a close link between them, though the former is far less than the latter; (5)the BrC emissions from China's residential coal and biomass fuel burning are (449.1±305.1) Gg (in BC-equivalent basis, the same below) in total, accounting for 55.0% of BC over the same period, among which (357.4±245.4) Gg is from residential coal combustion and (91.7±59.8) Gg is from biomass fuel burning. More systematic tests and studies are needed according to the classification and characteristics of residential coal and biomass fuels in China to give deeper insight into BrC issue.
项目资助者: 国家自然科学基金(41173121,41373131)
文章类型: 期刊论文
收录类别: CSCD
语种: 中文
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内容类型: 期刊论文
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孙建中,支国瑞,陈颖军,等. 居民生活用煤和生物质棕色碳排放因子研究[J]. 环境科学与技术,2016,39(S1):338-345.
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