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高效石油烃降解菌不动杆菌(Acinetobacter sp.BZ-15)的筛选、鉴定及其降解性能研究
其他题名: Microbial Degradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons by Acinetobacter sp. BZ-15,Isolated from Contaminated Soil
作者: 刘玉华; 胡晓珂
刊名: 中国科学:生命科学
ISSN号: 1674-7232
出版日期: 2016-09-20
卷号: 46, 期号:9, 页码:1091-1100
关键词: 不动杆菌 ; 石油烃 ; 烷烃羟化酶 ; 吐温-20
DOI: 10.1360/N052016-00060
产权排序: 中国科学院烟台海岸带研究所;海岸带生物学与生物资源利用重点实验室;中国科学院大学;
通讯作者: 胡晓珂,中国科学院烟台海岸带研究所,海岸带生物学与生物资源利用重点实验室,
作者部门: 海岸带生物学与生物资源利用所重点实验室
中文摘要: 本研究旨在从土壤中筛选高效石油烃降解菌株,并对其系统分类和降解特性进行研究,为石油污染的原位修复奠定基础.该研究从滨州油井溢油污染土壤样品中分离得到一株高效石油烃降解菌株BZ-15,对菌株BZ-15进行形态观察、16S r RNA基因序列分析及系统发育树分析;对该菌株的生长特性进行研究;通过GC-MS分析其对原油组分中不同碳原子饱和烃的降解特性;同时研究吐温-20对其生长及降解特性的影响;对该菌株中的烷烃羟化酶基因alk M进行了克隆.结果表明,菌株BZ-15为不动杆菌属(Acinetobacter sp.)细菌,在LB培养基中其代时为3.25 h,添加吐温-20代时为2.67 h,吐温-20...
英文摘要: One of the major environmental problems is the contamination of petroleum hydrocarbons as a result of activities related to the petrochemical industry. This study aimed to isolate petroleum hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria from soil, and to study their systemic classification and degradation characteristics. A bacterial strain BZ-15 capable of degrading petroleum hydrocarbons was isolated from the oil-spilled soils in Binzhou, China. The bacterium was identified as belonging to the genus Acinetobacter through morphological and 16S rRNA gene homological analysis. Its growth rate and biodegradation ability were investigated by cell culture on media supplemented with crude oil with or without the surfactant Tween-20. Non-ionic surfactant Tween-20 can promote the growth of BZ-15, reducing the generation time from 3.25 to 2.67 h. After 5 days of growth, GC-MS analysis showed that the degradation efficiency of this bacterial strain for saturated hydrocarbons could reach 61%. However, the degradation efficiency for saturated hydrocarbons decreased and was only 52% Tween-20. The strain BZ-15 could biodegrade saturated hydrocarbons in which carbon chains were of the length C13–C28. Alkane hydroxylase (alkM) was successfully cloned, which indicates that the bacterial strain could degrade alkane via the terminal oxidative pathway
项目资助者: 国家自然科学基金(批准号:41376138,41576165) ; 烟台市重大科技发展专项(批准号:2012017)资助
文章类型: 期刊论文
收录类别: CSCD
语种: 中文
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内容类型: 期刊论文
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刘玉华,胡晓珂. 高效石油烃降解菌不动杆菌(Acinetobacter sp.BZ-15)的筛选、鉴定及其降解性能研究[J]. 中国科学:生命科学,2016,46(9):1091-1100.
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文件名: 高效石油烃降解菌不动杆菌_Aci_省略_5_的筛选_鉴定及其降解性能研究.pdf
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