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[1] Gao, Xuelu,Yang, Yuwei,Wang, Chuanyuan. Geochemistry Of Organic Carbon And Nitrogen In Surface Sediments Of Coastal Bohai Bay Inferred From Their Ratios And Stable Isotopic Signatures[J]. Marine Pollution Bulletin,2012,64(6):1148-1155.
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[5] Gao, Xuelu,Chen, Shaoyong. Petroleum Pollution In Surface Sediments Of Daya Bay, South China, Revealed By Chemical Fingerprinting Of Aliphatic And Alicyclic Hydrocarbons[J]. Estuarine Coastal And Shelf Science,2008,80(1):95-102.
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[8] Gao, Xuelu,Chen, Shaoyong,Long, Aimin. Composition And Sources Of Organic Matter And Its Solvent Extractable Components In Surface Sediments Of A Bay Under Serious Anthropogenic Influences: Daya Bay, China[J]. Marine Pollution Bulletin,2008,56(6):1066-1075.
[9] Gao, Xuelu,Chen, Chen-Tung Arthur,Wang, Gang,et al. Environmental Status Of Daya Bay Surface Sediments Inferred From A Sequential Extraction Technique[J]. Estuarine Coastal And Shelf Science,2010,86(3):369-378.
[10] Gao Xuelu,Song Jinming,Li Xuegang,et al. Pco(2) And Carbon Fluxes Across Sea-air Interface In The Changjiang Estuary And Hangzhou Bay[J]. Chinese Journal Of Oceanology And Limnology,2008,26(3):289-295.
[11] Gao, Xuelu,Li, Peimiao,Chen, Chen-Tung Arthur. Assessment Of Sediment Quality In Two Important Areas Of Mariculture In The Bohai Sea And The Northern Yellow Sea Based On Acid-volatile Sulfide And Simultaneously Extracted Metal Results[J]. Marine Pollution Bulletin,2013,72(1):281-288.
[12] Wang, Chuanyuan,Gao, Xuelu,Sun, Zhigao,et al. Evaluation Of The Diagnostic Ratios For The Identification Of Spilled Oils After Biodegradation[J]. Environmental Earth Sciences,2013,68(4):917-926.
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Research Topics

Chemical fractionation[6] Sediment analysis[6] China[6] Environmental assessment[4] Sequential extraction[4] 连续浸取[4] Heavy metal[4] 莱州湾[3] Trace elements[3] Sediment[3] 柱状沉积物[3] Daya Bay[3] Coastal zone[3] Trace metals[3] Changjiang Estuary[3]

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