Haibo Zhang

Haibo Zhang

Doctor Supervisor of Postgraduate

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Environmental Science Soil pollution and remediation


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[1] Wu, Chunfa,Luo, Yongming,Huang, Biao,et al. Studies On The Chromium Concentrations In Topsoils And Subsoils Of Two Rapidly Industrialized Cities In The Yangtze River Delta In East China[J]. Environmental Earth Sciences,2010,61(6):1239-1247.
[2] Chen YongShan,Zhang HaiBo,Luo YongMing,et al. Occurrence And Assessment Of Veterinary Antibiotics In Swine Manures: A Case Study In East China[J]. Chinese Science Bulletin,2012,57(6):606-614.
[3] Zhang, Haibo,Luo, Yongming,Makino, Tomoyuki,et al. The Heavy Metal Partition In Size-fractions Of The Fine Particles In Agricultural Soils Contaminated By Waste Water And Smelter Dust[J]. Journal Of Hazardous Materials,2013,248:303-312.
[4] Chen, Yongshan,Wu, Chunfa,Zhang, Haibo,et al. Empirical Estimation Of Pollution Load And Contamination Levels Of Phthalate Esters In Agricultural Soils From Plastic Film Mulching In China[J]. Environmental Earth Sciences,2013,70(1):239-247.
[5] Zhang, Haibo,Luo, Yongming,Teng, Ying,et al. Pcb Contamination In Soils Of The Pearl River Delta, South China: Levels, Sources, And Potential Risks[J]. Environmental Science And Pollution Research,2013,20(8):5150-5159.
[6] Chen, Yongshan,Yu, Gang,Cao, Qiming,et al. Occurrence And Environmental Implications Of Pharmaceuticals In Chinese Municipal Sewage Sludge[J]. Chemosphere,2013,93(9):1765-1772.
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[8] Zhang, Haibo,Luo, Yongming,Wu, Longhua,et al. Residues And Potential Ecological Risks Of Veterinary Antibiotics In Manures And Composts Associated With Protected Vegetable Farming[J]. Environmental Science And Pollution Research,2015,22(8):5908-5918.
[9] Wu, Chunfa,Yan, Shihong,Zhang, Haibo,et al. Chemical Forms Of Cadmium In A Calcareous Soil Treated With Different Levels Of Phosphorus-containing Acidifying Agents[J]. Soil Research,2015,53(1):105-111.
[10] Li, Yuan,Zhang, Haibo,Chen, Xiaobing,et al. Distribution Of Heavy Metals In Soils Of The Yellow River Delta: Concentrations In Different Soil Horizons And Source Identification[J]. Journal Of Soils And Sediments,2014,14(6):1158-1168.
[11] Zhang, Ruichang,Zhang, Haibo,Tu, Chen,et al. Facilitated Transport Of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles By Humic Substances In Saturated Porous Media Under Acidic Conditions[J]. Journal Of Nanoparticle Research,2015,17(4):165.
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海岸带[4] 土壤[3] 微塑料[2] 污染特征[2] 蓝碳[2] 抗生素[2] Yellow River Delta[2] Phthalate esters[2] Emerging contaminants[2] Source identification[2] Spatial distribution[2] 重金属[2] Phytotoxicity[1] adsorption and desorption[1] DNA指纹图谱[1]

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