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[1] Cao, Hong-Xing,Sun, Cheng-Xu,Shao, Hong-Bo,et al. Effects Of Low Temperature And Drought On The Physiological And Growth Changes In Oil Palm Seedlings[J]. African Journal Of Biotechnology,2011,10(14):2630-2637.
[2] Xue-Xuan, X.,Hong-Bo, S.,Yuan-Yuan, M.,et al. Biotechnological Implications From Abscisic Acid (aba) Roles In Cold Stress And Leaf Senescence As An Important Signal For Improving Plant Sustainable Survival Under Abiotic-stressed Conditions[J]. Critical Reviews In Biotechnology,2010,30(3):222-230.
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[6] Sun, Cheng-xu,Cao, Hong-xing,Shao, Hong-bo,et al. Growth And Physiological Responses To Water And Nutrient Stress In Oil Palm[J]. African Journal Of Biotechnology,2011,10(51):10465-10471.
[7] Shen, Yan,Chen, Wei-Jun,Lei, Xin-Tao,et al. Effects Of Plant Growth Regulators And Temperature On Seed Germination Of Yellow Nut-sedge (cyperus Esculentus L.)[J]. Journal Of Medicinal Plants Research,2011,5(31):6759-6765.
[8] Guo Donggan,Bai Zhongke,Shangguan Tieliang,et al. Impacts Of Coal Mining On The Aboveground Vegetation And Soil Quality: A Case Study Of Qinxin Coal Mine In Shanxi Province, China[J]. Clean-soil Air Water,2011,39(3):219-225.
[9] Cheng, Jimin,Cheng, Jie,Shao, Hongbo,et al. Soil Seed Banks And Forest Succession Direction Reflect Soil Quality In Ziwuling Mountain, Loess Plateau, China[J]. Clean-soil Air Water,2012,40(2):140-147.
[10] Liu, X. Z.,Zhang, F.,Shao, H. B.,et al. Community Succession Analysis And Environmental Biological Processes Of Naturally Colonized Vegetation On Abandoned Hilly Lands And Implications For Vegetation Restoration Strategy In Shanxi, China[J]. African Journal Of Biotechnology,2011,10(7):1133-1145.
[11] Sun Junna,Wang Bingchen,Xu Gang,et al. Effects Of Wheat Straw Biochar On Carbon Mineralization And Guidance For Large-scale Soil Quality Improvement In The Coastal Wetland[J]. Ecological Engineering,2014,62:43-47.
[12] Xu, Gang,Lv, Yingchun,Sun, Junna,et al. Recent Advances In Biochar Applications In Agricultural Soils: Benefits And Environmental Implications[J]. Clean-soil Air Water,2012,40(10):1093-1098.
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Research Topics

Jerusalem artichoke[9] Biochar[8] PLANTS[7] Soil quality[7] Eco-restoration[6] GROWTH[6] Yellow River Delta[5] drought[4] Pollution[4] abiotic stress[4] Salt-soil[4] water use efficiency[4] Phosphorus[4] Soil salinity[4] Chlorophyll fluorescence[4]

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