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Tu Chen

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Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, ...

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Environmental Science Soil Pollution and Remediation


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[1] Liu, Wuxing,Wang, Xiaobing,Wu, Longhua,et al. Isolation, Identification And Characterization Of Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens Bz-6, A Bacterial Isolate For Enhancing Oil Recovery From Oily Sludge[J]. Chemosphere,2012,87(10):1105-1110.
[2] Wang, Jianjun,Shen, Ji,Wu, Yucheng,et al. Phylogenetic Beta Diversity In Bacterial Assemblages Across Ecosystems: Deterministic Versus Stochastic Processes[J]. Isme Journal,2013,7(7):1310-1321.
[3] Li, Lian-Zhen,Tu, Chen,Peijnenburg, Willie J. G. M.,et al. Characteristics Of Cadmium Uptake And Membrane Transport In Roots Of Intact Wheat (triticum Aestivum L.) Seedlings[J]. Environmental Pollution,2017,221:351-358.
[4] Yu, Lei,Tu, Chen,Luo, Yongming. Fabrication, Characterization And Evaluation Of Mesoporous Activated Carbons From Agricultural Waste: Jerusalem Artichoke Stalk As An Example[J]. Frontiers Of Environmental Science & Engineering,2015,9(2):206-215.
[5] Li, Yuan,Zhang, Haibo,Chen, Xiaobing,et al. Distribution Of Heavy Metals In Soils Of The Yellow River Delta: Concentrations In Different Soil Horizons And Source Identification[J]. Journal Of Soils And Sediments,2014,14(6):1158-1168.
[6] Zhang, Ruichang,Zhang, Haibo,Tu, Chen,et al. Facilitated Transport Of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles By Humic Substances In Saturated Porous Media Under Acidic Conditions[J]. Journal Of Nanoparticle Research,2015,17(4):165.
[7] Li, Lian-Zhen,Tu, Chen,Wu, Long-Hua,et al. Pathways Of Root Uptake And Membrane Transport Of Cd2+ In The Zinc/cadmium Hyperaccumulating Plant Sedum Plumbizincicola[J]. Environmental Toxicology And Chemistry,2017,36(4):1038-1046.
[8] Li, Y,Zhang, HB,Li, QB,et al. Characteristics Of Residual Organochlorine Pesticides In Soils Under Different Land-use Types On A Coastal Plain Of The Yellow River Delta[J]. Environmental Geochemistry And Health,2016,38(2):535-547.
[9] Li, Y,Zhang, HB,Tu, C,et al. Sources And Fate Of Organic Carbon And Nitrogen From Land To Ocean: Identified By Coupling Stable Isotopes With C/n Ratio[J]. Estuarine Coastal And Shelf Science,2016,181:114-122.
[10] Li, Yuan,Zhang, Haibo,Tu, Chen,et al. Occurrence Of Red Clay Horizon In Soil Profiles Of The Yellow River Delta: Implications For Accumulation Of Heavy Metals[J]. Journal Of Geochemical Exploration,2017,176(Si):120-127.
[11] Liu, XH,Zhang, HB,Li, LZ,et al. Levels, Distributions And Sources Of Veterinary Antibiotics In The Sediments Of The Bohai Sea In China And Surrounding Estuaries[J]. Marine Pollution Bulletin,2016,109(1):597-602.
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Research Topics

多氯联苯[4] Yellow River Delta[3] 土壤[2] Heavy metals[2] mesoporous activated carbon[1] Ion-selective electrode technique[1] Bacillus amyloliquefaciens[1] 生态调控[1] 联合修复:1553  [1] Phytotoxicity[1] 管理策略[1] 污染土壤:2473[1] 生物有效性[1] 决策支持系统[1] Straining[1]

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