Ji Chenglong

Ji Chenglong

Associate Professor
Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, ...
ORCID: 11212211111


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[1] Ji, Chenglong,Wu, Huifeng,Wei, Lei,et al. Responses Of Mytilus Galloprovincialis To Bacterial Challenges By Metabolomics And Proteomics[J]. Fish & Shellfish Immunology,2013,35(2):489-498.
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[5] Wu, Huifeng,Ji, Chenglong,Wei, Lei,et al. Proteomic And Metabolomic Responses In Hepatopancreas Of Mytilus Galloprovincialis Challenged By Micrococcus Luteus And Vibrio Anguillarum[J]. Journal Of Proteomics,2013,94:54-67.
[6] Liu, Xiaoli,Ji, Chenglong,Zhao, Jianmin,et al. Differential Metabolic Responses Of Clam Ruditapes Philippinarum To Vibrio Anguillarum And Vibrio Splendidus Challenges[J]. Fish & Shellfish Immunology,2013,35(6):2001-2007.
[7] Ji Chenglong,Wu Huifeng,Liu Xiaoli,et al. The Influence Of Salinity On Toxicological Effects Of Arsenic In Digestive Gland Of Clam Ruditapes Philippinarum Using Metabolomics[J]. Chinese Journal Of Oceanology And Limnology,2013,31(2):345-352.
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[9] Ji, Chenglong,Wu, Huifeng,Wei, Lei,et al. Proteomic And Metabolomic Analysis Reveal Gender-specific Responses Of Mussel Mytilus Galloprovincialis To 2,2 ',4,4 '-tetrabromodiphenyl Ether (bde 47)[J]. Aquatic Toxicology,2013,140:449-457.
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[12] Wei, Lei,Wang, Qing,Ning, Xuanxuan,et al. Combined Metabolome And Proteome Analysis Of The Mantle Tissue From Pacific Oyster Crassostrea Gigas Exposed To Elevated Pco(2)[J]. Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology D-genomics & Proteomics,2015,13:16-23.
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Research Topics

Metabolomics[24] Proteomics[13] Mytilus galloprovincialis[12] Ruditapes philippinarum[8] Toxicological effects[7] Metal pollution[5] Arsenic[5] Biological effects[5] NMR[4] H-1 NMR[4] Cadmium[4] Venerupis philippinarum[3] Antimicrobial activity[3] Crassostrea gigas[3] BDE 47[3]

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